Elevator with a capacity of 15 000 tons!

Grain treatment plant with a capacity of 100 tons/hour.

SUKUP tower grain dryer capacity of 45 tons/hour.

100 ton scales!

Processed about 6 000 hectares of fertile land!

Plant growing

The enterprise is engaged in growing wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, millet, oats, perennial herbs. All the crops are cultivated from high quality seeds using innovative plant protection products.

Vegetable growing

We grow vegetables: cabbage, onion, beet, carrot, cucumber, tomato, etc., using modern technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

Storage and Preprocessing services

We own a grain elevator located at 20 km from Mariupol sea trading port. Being equipped with modern foreign facilities, it provides the services of preprocessing, drying and storing of oilseeds, includes a certified laboratory aimed at determining the grain quality.

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